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The Week March 11, 2011

Filed under: A Better Me,Baby Cakes,The Pets — themamabeth @ 9:38 pm

My mom is the best. She is involved without being interfering, and she doesn’t try to give advice unsolicited, but if I ask for it, she’s always willing to give her opinion on how to handle something I’m struggling with. (And I have to wonder how often she’s biting her tongue wanting to say something.) Not too long ago she helped me solve our bedtime issues, so last week when she came over I asked her if she had any suggestions to help with the tantrums and the screaming. Because oh my word, the screaming was driving me NUTS.


She suggested that I ignore the screaming and instead of ignoring the actual tantrum, try talking Adeline through it. With Adeline, it seems like the general recipe for tantrums is frustration+needing attention. Ignoring the screaming really takes the wind out of her sails, and even though it felt counter-intuitive at first to acknowledge the tantrums, but they are less frequent and shorter. She is still two, so she is still having the occasional meltdown, but I am dealing with them more effectively so in general they are just less stressful.


I’ve been working a lot with her on how to interact with the dogs. They’ve been so separate her whole life, she’s used to them but when they are around us they are still enough of a novelty that she can get to be a bit of a pest. We’re practicing GENTLY patting their heads and backs and not touching ears, noses, eyes or feet. She’s doing pretty well with it. If only I could convince Lucy to leave them alone. She just loves all of the animals so much, she just wants to play, but, well, no. It is complicating this whole effort, because when Lucy is up and about, I have to put the dogs back behind the gate. She’s a fast little thing, and there are some risks I’m not willing to take.


Hopefully we can really make some progress this week. I’m still toying with the idea of hiring a trainer, but I’m hesitant to do anything until we find out what is going to happen with Toly. The antibiotics aren’t making any difference so far, and I’ve found another lump on his neck.


I’m getting back into this weird floaty wait-and-see mindset and I need to shake it off. I have such a bad habit of putting things off because of impending change. I used to watch that show What Not to Wear and they would tell people to dress the body they had NOW and not the body they wanted to have, and I need to do that-live my life as it is NOW and not wait around for what might come.






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