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Sleeping Arrangements March 9, 2011

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 1:58 pm

Adeline got one of those inflatable ball pits for Christmas. It got popped recently and I threw it away, and we set up the tent she got from my dad the Christmas before. The second it was ready to use, she announced that she would be sleeping in there, and proceeded to move her blankets and animals from her bed into the tent. I didn’t really think she meant it until bedtime that night, when she really did climb in there to go to sleep. And she slept in there every night until the night before last.


The night before last, she announced she would be sleeping in her closet. And she moved all of her blankets and animals from the tent into the closet. So I made her a little pallet and there she slept.


I was talking to my mom about it and my mom commented about Adeline’s love of enclosed spaces, so we were talking about canopy beds or maybe bunk beds, or a bed tent. Well, we don’t happen to have a canopy bed or a set of bunk beds handy, so I found a king size sheet and made a tent over her bed. She immediately moved her animals and blankets back onto her bed and announced THAT is where she would be sleeping.


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