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Good Day March 8, 2011

Filed under: Life Is Good — themamabeth @ 1:57 pm

At 2 PM, we have had maybe two screaming instances and no time-outs. Adeline ate her lunch and asked for more. The only thing I need to do around here is vacuum, and since Lucy is asleep and I’m waiting for the UPS guy (jogging stroller-yay!) that will have to wait. I have everything packed up to go to my dad’s for dinner (don’t have to cook tonight-yay! And three other people who want to watch my kids for me AND there’s satellite TV (Food Network here I come!)).

I have not wanted to make dog-skin rugs (very much). We haven’t really DONE anything training wise, but it seems like something has shifted and there’s just a little bit more…calmness I guess.

Today has a happy, optimistic feel to it and it is nice after the past three or four days of not pleasantness.

Added later…

The rest of the day? Went just as well. We went to my dad’s for dinner since my older brother is in town. I was a little worried how Adeline would do with M since she’s only met him once, about a year ago. She warmed right up though, and did so well the entire night. We didn’t even leave until well after 9:00, and she was easy as can be after we got home.  The dogs jumped their gate, but didn’t hurt anything.  Seriously, the only bummer to the whole day was that one of the tires on my new stroller is flat. I’m pretty sure my little brother will stop somewhere and pick one up for me though, he’s nice like that.


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