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Doggy Boot Camp: prep March 5, 2011

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You know how you’re supposed to stay off of Google if you’re sick lest you self diagnose yourself with some horrible disease that is going to kill you tomorrow? Seems to work the same way when looking up information about your particularly tricky breed of dog. Geesh. Now I feel like I own a couple of Cujos or something.


I think the way I am going to approach this is as if they are new-to-me dogs. It gives me a feeling of starting over from scratch, and essentially we are. Things are going to be very different going forward, so we can just pretend we are all meeting for the first time, right? Right.


I found a Secondhand Dog page on the Weimaraner Club of America’s web page, and I am going to follow that for starters. I’ve known for a long time that my relationship with the dogs has not been what it should be, so I’m really hoping this will be a good way to repair things.


In the week Leika was gone, we started crating Toly again. Their main “place” had been our spare bedroom, but when we move that won’t be an option anymore, so I wanted to get him used to the crate again. He’s done so well, I KNOW we can get Leika back on track with the crating thing, especially since they’ll be right together. The crates are set up and ready to go. I’m going to use the feed-in-the-crate technique with both dogs. I’m kind of hesitant to keep water in there though, they are SO messy, they’ll just end up with soaking wet bedding.


There’s dog beds set up in the bedroom now too.  We had been in the habit of Adeline just wandering in to our bed at night, so I’ll have to start keeping her door closed and escort her in if she wakes up. I don’t know about letting them all mingle when I’m not totally awake to supervise.


I think the other big thing is going to be to establish Rules and stick to them. I’m really bad at this part, which I think is a big contributor to the problems we’ve had.


So, here goes nothin’. The PetSmart shopping list is made, we’ll head over there in the morning to pick up a few things to hopefully help us out with this.  The WCA site says something along the lines of “if it isn’t me, who will it be?” and I think that’s pretty fitting for our situation.


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