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Take Two March 4, 2011

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The new home we found for Leika? Didn’t work out. They called last night to tell me they want to bring her back. She’s not doing well-having extreme separation anxiety issues mostly.


My take on the situation is that if THIS person can’t handle her, no one can. So, she’s coming back and we’re not going to try to find another place for her. We’re going to just…change, I guess. We’ll work harder with her, tire her out, stimulate her mind.


After walking Toly every day this week and being  miserable trying to juggle the two kids and the dog, I ordered a double jogging stroller so that’s already on its way. I just ordered a back-pack for her that’ll be here on Thursday, so by the end of the week we should be able to start getting some pretty productive walks in.


We’re going to more or less be starting Doggy Boot Camp around here. I know these two have the potential to be amazing pets, but I haven’t been a good enough owner to make them that way. Now, though, there just is no other choice.


So, that’s where we are with that.  Jake and I had a really good conversation about it today, and we are much more on the same page about everything.




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