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Terrible (Also: Woe is me) March 3, 2011

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I learned after Adeline was born that I’m not much of a newborn person. Tiny babies, while cute, are very boring. As she got older, I’d declare that every stage was my favorite.


Now, we’ve hit my Not Favorite age. Holy cow, THIS stage? This stage can end right now thankyouverymuch.


I am seriously going to lose my mind if things don’t change soon. She says no to every option that I offer her, or she’ll ask for something and then flip out when I give it to her. Every.single.thing. I could tell her the sky is blue and she’d freak out. Telling her no is apparently the end of the world and will result in a tantrum of epic proportions.


She’s doing things she KNOWS she isn’t supposed to do too, she’s very defiant and ooohhh that gets to me. I swear she spends more time in Time Out than out lately.I hatehatehate having to repeat myself and it is all I do ALL DAY LONG. If you scream, you go to time out. If you pick up the puppy, you will go to time out. If you push your sister, you will go to time out. If you do abcd you will go to time out…It never ends. These are NOT NEW RULES. Why all the sudden, is she being such a terror? It seems like it wouldn’t bother me so much if she was finding new things to do that we would have to correct her about, but she’s doing stuff that has already been established is Not Good.


It is just so exhausting right now. She gets worse when I’m feeding Lucy or pretty much doing anything that doesn’t involve her getting 100% of my attention.  It is making me feel kind of trapped too, because I dread going places because she might have a freak out over me breathing or something.


Jake’s home tomorrow for a day and my mom is taking her out on Sunday for the afternoon, so at least I’ll get a little bit of a break. I’m hoping on Sunday my mom can give me some pointers or something because seriously, things can’t keep on like this.  It feels like within 15 minutes of getting up I am longing for bedtime, and it just is not very fun right now. That whole thing about loving someone but not liking them all the time had to have been written with a two-year-old in mind. I’m trying so, so hard to stay patient and stay calm and just ride out the tantrums, but it is wearing me out.




One Response to “Terrible (Also: Woe is me)”

  1. mandie Says:

    Are you sure you’re not talking about my 2 year old? He is exactly like this!

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