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Up to date March 1, 2011

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We’re off kilter around here, and I really, really want to get back to normal.


Things just feel wrong, like we’re one step ahead or behind where we should be.


It looks like things are moving along with our new house, which is AWESOME. I so cannot wait to get moved down there. I miss my husband.


We found a new home for Leika. I am sad, but things are already better. We’ve been walking Toly, and he can actually spend time with us during the days. We just aren’t cut out to own high-energy big dogs. Toly might have Valley Fever that has gotten into his bones, we’re waiting on the blood work to find out.


I’m going to pick up some de-caf coffee and probably switch from Coke to Sierra Mist to see if that helps Lucy’s sleep issues. She had been sleeping 14 hours a night but not napping during the day. Now she’s not napping and sleeping 10 or so hours a night, which isn’t working for me at all. Bedtime has become a nightmare again because they are keeping each other up, so something’s got to change.


Adeline is doing okay with the bedtime thing but still ends up in my bed every night, but I can live with that. She’s been kind of a handful though during the days, and I am suspecting that it is because she’s getting hungry but not realizing it, and then her blood sugar crashes and she’s just unmanageable. I’ve got to make sure she has snacks during the day, she is so busy all the time she rarely ever asks for snacks and I think she really needs them.


Her new things are screaming and saying no if I tell her not to/to do something. It is pushing every button that I have. The no thing is messing with me because she’ll SAY no but then do what I ask/stop doing what I asked her not to do, so I don’t know how to respond. So far, if she says no but does what I want, I have just been ignoring the no part. The screaming sends her to an instant time out. I cannot handle that and I hope this phase passes quickly.


She’s talking so much, and I love it. She’s also really gotten into reading books in the past month or so, and NOW I understand why reading is such a big deal with little kids. Her sudden explosion of words is totally linked to the books.


Lucy is everywhere. She’s fast, it is crazy how quickly she can get around. I don’t remember Adeline being that quick, but Lucy has a lot more incentive than Adeline did to get around. She’s also pulling up to standing, which is just crazy to me. Apparently I walked at 9 months and was running by a year. I had been hoping that she wouldn’t be quite so physical as Adeline. I don’t know though, she is mobile but not terribly daring, she doesn’t like to be swung and tossed like Adeline did at this age.


They are actually playing together now, which is amazing. Adeline has caught on to the fact that Lucy thinks she is funny, and Lucy will egg her on as long and she can hold Adeline’s attention. It is so much fun, and it is really helpful too.


Parenthood (the show, not my job) is calling.





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