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Earned It February 8, 2011

Filed under: On My Own — themamabeth @ 8:40 pm

Holy cow what a day. I love how the day after I write some sappy post about being happy I get hit by a case of the Mean Reds. Seems like everything sort of fell apart today-cereal for breakfast, lame lunch, leftovers for dinner. Not a thing got done, didn’t spend quality time with the dogs…Whatever. Tomorrow we’ll try again.


Things I learned today:

  • It never hurt anyone to sit on the floor and build block towers for an entire morning.
  • Kids who don’t take naps when I am having a rotten day get boring snacks.
  • I can survive a rotten day without a nap.
  • Bedtime on rotten days? Awesome. Especially since the kids made me work for it tonight.


The house situation is still very up in the air, and I am going ever-so-slowly insane over it. And I want to be mad at someone for it, and it isn’t anyone’s fault, things just are the way they are. It will all eventually work out. We’ll look back on these months (gah) and laugh, right? Right?




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