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Operation: Manners January 23, 2011

Filed under: A Better Me,The Pets — themamabeth @ 9:28 pm

So I have these dogs. They’re actually really cool dogs, and they have really good personalities, but they have NO manners. This is entirely my fault, I’ll totally admit it. We were doing kind of okay for a while, but then Adeline as born, and all the work with the dogs kind of came to a halt.

This has got to change, and fast. And I know that they have it in them to be really good dogs. I just need to step up and give them the chance to do it.

I’ll probably use a lot of dog whisperer techniques, but we’re going to have to modify things some as well. So, tonight we’ll all go out and take a nice walk (haha) and start Dog Training Part I: The Leash.

Seems simple enough. If I can maintain my patience and stick it out, just that will make a huge difference I think.


We did it! By the end I think they were kind of catching on. We only went one time around the short block, just to keep us all from getting super frustrated. I have hope though! And if we can get on track with this, there’s so much potential.


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