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Library Trip January 20, 2011

Filed under: Books — themamabeth @ 1:08 pm

I want to see how much reading I’m actually accomplishing. Before kids, I would read a book or two a week or so, sometimes less.  I’ve had a hard time choosing books lately, so I’ve started at the A section and I’m just reading all of the books in order, as well as picking up one or two randomly from other sections.  I need to get my Goodreads account caught up, and then I’ll link it here.

So the most recent library trip:

Meg Cabot Queen of Babble Gets Hitched…I love Meg Cabot. Her  characters actually speak like real people, the dialog rarely ever feels awkward or stilted. Like you could read a conversation between characters out loud and it would sound natural. This isn’t literature or anything, but I am always going to be excited  to find a title by her that I haven’t read.


With our new bedtime routine, I’ve been reading to Adeline at night before she goes to sleep. I’ve been using the “good books”, the ones with real paper pages. I think next time we got to the library, I’ll let her pick out books to read before bedtime. This is so exciting to me! It will be so cool if she’s a reader too.


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