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Night 2 January 13, 2011

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Tonight we changed up the routine some.

Dinner, bath for Lucy, bath for Adeline, Lucy to bed, pick up the house and brush teeth, story in her room and bed. I didn’t even try to put Lucy in her own bed, she’s in our bed again. Adeline flipped out as soon as I went into her room this time. I finally convinced her to come in and have a story. As soon as we got done with the book she told me she was all done shh (shh being her word for sleep).

I left at 7:40, she’s yelling at the door right now, kicking the wall. Occasionally she stops crying to say “uh-oh”. Part of me really wants to just get to Saturday night, have this not work so I can just give it up, and the other part of me really hopes that by Saturday we’re not going through this ridiculous drama and she’ll just go to BED already. Today was a really good day though, she woke up cheerful and was of a cheerful disposition all day, even the usually awful late afternoon early evening went really smoothly. I KNOW that she got better sleep last night than she has been sleeping with me. This is hard too, because it goes against pretty much everything that I believed in the first year and a half or so of her life. Before this, I was hardcore anti-CIO. I am still anti-CIO when it comes to babies. But at this age, especially because I KNOW she can and will happily sleep in her own room, we have to do this.  It is for all of our well being in the long run. The question is are we going to make it to the long run?


Round2-7:55-8:15 sat in her room with her, and gradually moved from holding her to her laying in bed on me, to her laying on her pillow with my arms around her, to my hand on her, to not touching her, and then I left. I’m pretty sure she’s still in bed, she’s not making any noise. So that’s going into tomorrow night’s routine-after we read I’ll sit with her in her room until she’s calm and ready to sleep. That’s totally do-able. It was kind of nice for me too, relaxing. And that reopens the possibility of getting both kids to bed in one room too.


This is a crazy roller coaster though. All day was so nice and pleasant. Then the first round of bedtime leaves me feeling stressed and hopeless. Now, I feel slightly hopeful and optimistic.


She made it through last night with only one wake-up, could I be so lucky again? Just in case, I think I’ll go to bed now.


2 Responses to “Night 2”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I’m so proud of you! sometimes doing what you know is best for your family is the hardest thing to do… and you are doing it anyway… I hope that tonight has no more kinks and that tomorrow you are able to iron out the ones that tonight had so that bed time only gets better and better. Keep your head up lady! You are doing great!

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