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To Do… January 5, 2011

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  • Clean-bathrooms, office, spare room
  • Pick up-living room, girl’s room, master bedroom, kitchen
  • Vacuum house (moved)
  • Empty in house trash cans (moved)


  • Pick up living room
  • Vacuum living room and master bedroom (moved)
  • Empty trash cans (moved)
  • Print registration stuff for trailer/write check
  • Print coupon for Target/cancelled
  • Menu plan and grocery list for the rest of the week +coupons
  • Select projects for knitting and sewing for next 2 months (the goal is a knitting project + a sewing project per month, with the majority intended to be gifts). Make list of supplies needed.
  • Get Netflix ready to return
  • Mop kitchen
  • Pick up dog poop


  • go to Joann’s, Target and grocery store revised: Fresh ‘n Easy and Joann’s


  • Dinner
  • Vacuum living room and master bedroom
  • Empty trash cans and trash out

…Also to do this week:

  • Get stuff together so as soon as the w-2s arrive we can get our taxes done
  • Clean the bathrooms (t0day I cleaned them, they need to be Cleaned)
  • Go through the bins of kid’s clothes for one final get-rid-of sweep
  • Sort out garage sale vs Goodwill stuff
  • Start scanning in paperwork to get rid of actual papers/shred

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