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Misc. January 4, 2011

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Bah. I am TIRED. Exhausted, body aching.

We went to babysit a friend’s baby who is just a couple of weeks younger than Lucy. It was SO NICE to get out of the house, even if we just went to a different house. At one point I was holding both babies, which was funny to me because physically they are kind of opposite, roly poly Lucy in one arm and the stringbean that is Baby B in the other.

Two days in a row we’ve gone out. That’s probably a record for me. AND I want to go out tomorrow too! We’ve got to send some mail and pick up the mail, and I want to go to Target and Joann’s.  AND I just found out that Ikea is doing a kids eat free promo, so I’m hoping that Thursday or Friday we can meet up with a friend for lunch.

I’m frustrated because I feel motivated and excited, and I want to DO! THINGS! NOW! but I am so freaking tired that I haven’t gotten anything done. I’m hoping that today’s outing tired out the kids enough that some decent sleep can be had tonight, and tomorrow we’ll be able to kick some to-do list butt.

Speaking of to-do…A friend sent me this about organizing our days. I know that I am a routine person without question. I am discovering though, that Adeline? She’s kind of a schedule kind of kid. I’m hoping she’ll loosen up a little as time goes on, but it is going to be very tricky trying to compromise both of our needs so we can live in harmony.

So…tomorrow will be:


  • Clean-bathrooms, office, spare room
  • Pick up-living room, girl’s room, master bedroom, kitchen
  • Vacuum house
  • Empty in house trash cans

45 minutes till lunch…


  • Print registration stuff for trailer/write check
  • Print coupon for Target
  • Menu plan and grocery list for the rest of the week +coupons
  • Select projects for knitting and sewing for next 2 months (the goal is a knitting project + a sewing project per month, with the majority intended to be gifts). Make list of supplies needed.
  • Get Netflix ready to return
  • Mop kitchen
  • Pick up dog poop


  • go to Joann’s, Target and grocery store


  • Dinner
  • Trash out

2 Responses to “Misc.”

  1. Molly Says:

    Beth! You’re rocking that list! I couldn’t put that much cleaning and going out all in the same day if I tried! Maybe you need to budget time for a nap and then you’ll have more energy! Soooo impressed though! Routine people unite! :o)

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