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To remember… January 3, 2011

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 9:29 pm

Today the girls and I went to the store because we needed bread. Of course, I forgot to get bread. Oh well, I can bake some. I should be doing that anyway.


Adeline doesn’t like riding in the back of the cart, so she gets the option to walk as long as she listens. She cracked me up, I told her that if she wanted to walk, she had to hold hands, so she did-except she held her OWN hands, clasped in front of her. I suppose next time I’ll need to be more specific, huh?


There was a display of stuffed animals in the flower department, and I agreed that we could go look at them. She tried to claim one as hers, and I told her no. So, her next strategy was to give it to Lucy to see if that would get it home with us (it didn’t).Clever kid.






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