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Daisy-Part II Present Day December 31, 2010

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Here is our current situation-we have two big dogs who mostly hang out in the back yard. When the weather is nasty, they come in and hang out in the spare room while kids are around, and when kids are sleeping, the dogs are allowed in the main house. This is mostly for my sanity, Adeline loves her some dogs, and it gets exhausting following her around and keeping her from driving the dogs insane with her affection and constant need to point out their eyes, ears and noses.


We have [had] one little dog (Daisy). She’s lived with us for about a month and came in as a stray and just never left. She is Afraid of the big dogs. She hangs out in the garage if it is nice out, and in the bathroom if it is bad weather, and is in the main house when I am able to give her and Adeline 100% of my attention and when the big dogs aren’t in the main house.


So. Anyways. Last night after Jake came home, Daisy barked. Other than our very first encounter with her when she was being attacked, and the one time she came face-to-face, we’ve only ever hear her kind of whine. She just doesn’t really bark. Jake went to check on her, she seemed fine, so we thought it was a fluke. It happened again, so we let her out to come hang out with us. She was running around, and her back was arched all weird and she just didn’t look right. My assumption was she had to Go Potty so I took her out into the garage to her papers (we’re still shaky on the housebroken thing-I think she MIGHT be paper trained but it is iffy). She paced and squatted and paced and I just figured she didn’t want an audience, so I left her to it and went back in the house.


After both kids were asleep I went back out to get her and bring her in for the night. She was wrapped up in an old blanket and when I moved it to pick her up, I discovered she hadn’t, in fact, needed to go potty, and she had, in fact, needed to have a puppy.


She seems fine, the puppy seems fine. It’s (I think she, but can you tell yet) is eating and I’ve been going in to make sure Daisy can easily reach food and water. I’ve petted Daisy and kind of shifted the puppy to help it get to food this morning, and Daisy doesn’t seem nervous or anything to have me near her baby.


Maybe I should see if Animal Planet has a dog version of I Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant. We could be famous!






2 Responses to “Daisy-Part II Present Day”

  1. Samantha Says:

    oh my! when did Daisy join your family? are you sure she will only have the one puppy?
    My chihuahua usually had 4, but her last litter she did only have one puppy but it was huge!
    good luck with your new baby!

    • themamabeth Says:

      Samantha, she’s been with us about a month and a half. She ended up having two puppies, one didn’t make it, it appeared to be deformed (but I didn’t look too closely). She’s doing so much better now, for a couple of days I was really worried about her.

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