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Daisy-Part I from 11/27 December 31, 2010

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This afternoon we were sitting in the living room when a car outside started honking repeatedly. It happens quite a lot around here, so we ignored it. But then a little dog started barking, and the honking grew more insistent. At that point, the little dog was nearly howling, and Jake thought the person in the car was honking to make the dog bark, so he went outside to see what was happening. It turned out, the little dog was being attacked. The honking scared off the big dog, and apparently someone called the police about him, but I never saw an officer. I called the Humane Society and spoke with an operator, who connected me to the EAMT group. There were no animal ambulances available, so they told me to pack the dog up and keep trying to see if I could get an animal control officer out to pick her up. I was able to get a blanket over her and she let me lift her. She was scared and shaking, but didn’t seem to be in any pain, she didn’t react at all. I drove over to a vet’s office, but they said they couldn’t do anything without her owner, and since I’m not really her owner, and I actually didn’t even have my purse (and therefore no money), they couldn’t do anything. So, I brought her back home. We set her up in the garage and have been checking on her every hour. She’s  very…quiet. She hasn’t made a noise, and is mostly just sleeping. She’s got a little carrier to go into, and I’ve been keeping her warm with a corn bag. I finally got her to eat some moistened dog food, so I’m going to keep up with that through the night. I’m hoping she’ll perk up a little bit and we can try to get something figured out for her. I hate to take her to the county (which is what the  vet’s office suggested) because since she’s so timid I think they’ll just put her to sleep, and it seems like she at least deserves a shot at finding a home.

10:45 PM-I got her to eat a little more, and she drank some water. I set up a newspaper potty area but she didn’t try to go. I kind of think she might still be a puppy, she doesn’t have the look of an older dog. Or, she might be really old. She’s super skinny but not emaciated. She doesn’t react to me with fear, but she doesn’t react with affection or happiness either, she really just doesn’t react period. This is tricky indeed.

9:30 AM-We have pee and poop! I am thrilled, this means something is getting through. She’s mostly chihuahua I think. I was able to see her teeth and I am suspecting she’s pretty young, but I don’t think puppy anymore. She’s eating tiny bites of softened dog food. We’re going to pick up some small breed or canned food for her today. She shakes and shakes, and I can’t tell if that is a breed related issue or cold or what.

1:30 PM-The attempts at getting her to eat dog food were not going well all day, and she was getting more and more sluggish. I mixed some chicken broth with some heavy cream and heated it to about room temperature, and she ate that up. I’m giving her about a tablespoon ever hour and a half or so. She also ate some canned cat food I offered her out of desperation. She’s looking a lot more alert. The shaking seems to be in response to my presence, so I wonder if she’s been abused. I think the word to describe her is meek rather than timid. She doesn’t cower or act afraid necessarily, but she just sits quietly, like she hopes I won’t notice her.

She’s doing okay. She doesn’t seem to want to really walk, but I’ve seen her do it so I know she can. Her hips/back is where that dog got her though, so I’m thinking she’s sore. I scared her today trying to help her get to the bathroom and lost most of the progress we had made getting her to trust us. Jake has decided he might want to make her his travel companion if we can’t find her a new home, and I think that’s a good plan.  We’re considering naming her Daisy.


….That’s where the updates stopped. She started eating, walking and generally acting like a proper dog, so a minute-by-minute account of her days just wasn’t necessary. She just kind of got integrated into the routine of the house and so she stayed.


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