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Rough Day and a New Strategy December 28, 2010

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Yikes today was a hard one. Adeline was in fine form, and she got on my last nerve within about ten minutes of us getting up.

I hate days like today because I’m aware of the fact things aren’t going well, but I continually handle issues badly over and over, which compounds my frustration, and it is all just rotten. On top of that, I ruined a cake I baked that I had been very much looking forward to decorating, and it was quite tasty, but sort of in a heap rather than in two nice round cake shapes.

By the time nap time rolled around, I was just done. Luckily, the big kids both went right down with no trouble and gave me a full two hours to decompress. That and knowing that I was getting a break when my mom came to take Adeline out cheered me up considerably. When the kids got up, we built towers out of blocks and crashed them down until my mom came, and then O and I hung out for the rest of the afternoon. It is funny, when she is gone, he just goes around from toy to toy and spends a few minutes playing, then moves on. It is like he can’t believe his luck to have all the toys all to himself. I think I could have just disappeared and he wouldn’t have even noticed.

The day is over, we all survived. Both kids are asleep, and each of them are in a bed, not the beds I would like necessarily, but beds, which is a start.

The whole sleeping situation was just making me miserable, it was making all of us miserable. No one was sleeping well, and no matter what I did, Adeline wouldn’t sleep in her room.

Last night, I tried and tried. And she cried and cried. So, I gave her a choice. She could sleep in her bed with the door open, or she could sleep in our bed. But she had to pick one or the other, and if she got up I would put her in her bed with the door closed. She picked our bed, but wouldn’t actually climb up in the bed and go to sleep. She ended up falling asleep in the doorway but she fell asleep. Tonight, I did the same thing. She’s currently asleep in our bed, after not too much of a struggle.

Lucy is asleep in her crib in the kids’ room. She’ll wake up at some time in the night and I’ll bring her to our bed. At least this way I get a couple of hours of semi-decent sleep.

This works better because Adeline isn’t waking up in near hysterics in the middle of the night and waking up Lucy and keeping everyone up with drama for hours. If she wakes up, she goes right back to sleep. Lucy can just be nursed back to sleep if she wakes up in the night and Adeline can sleep through her fussing.

So, not ideal, but better.


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