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Celebrate good times December 19, 2010

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Whew. What a weekend. We had a three day birthday extravaganza for Adeline, as well as Christmas Part the First.

Friday I started my holiday baking (that totally implies I a) bake a lot and b)bake every year for the holidays, neither of which is true, but I would like it to be). Cupcakes-good. Mint brownies-eh [but my brother gave them thumbs up, maybe they are better the next day or not warm]. Salt toffee brownies-yum. Fudge-not firm enough [Oma tells me that if the house is too warm, fudge won’t work]. Butter toffee-perfection [scary to read the recipe, but surprisingly easy to do]. Sugar cookies-utter disaster[they literally turned to sugar cookie dust if touched because I used half the amount of butter the recipe called for].


My mom came over with Adeline’s birthday gift-a sit’n’spin, and Adeline is inventing new techniques for riding. She also helped Adeline set up our birthday gift, a Thomas track with a train. (Mini review-I spent $10, so I’m happy with it. If I had spent more, I’d be very displeased.) Adeline likes it, which is all that really matters. The train is battery powered, so it’ll go anywhere. She got a kick out of watching it just chug around the living room, and once it went under the entertainment center and came out the other side, which she thought was just hilarious.


Saturday afternoon we went to J and K’s to celebrate Adeline’s birthday and Christmas, since Jake’s mom came down and J and K will be out of town on the actual holiday. I went into it not wanting to go due to a combination of Jake and I having a not-so-fun Serious Discussion and my being totally exhausted and just not feeling very holiday-y. It ended up being so much fun. J and K have a baby the same age as Lucy, which is so cool. Adeline was actually behaving, and really enjoying herself. She got some very well chosen, super thoughtful gifts from Grandma and J and K. We were all exhausted by the time we got home, and I think even with all four of us in one bed, it was the best night of sleep Adeline and I have had in quite some time.


Today was Adeline’s birthday lunch at Oma and Poppa’s. Again, I went into it not very enthusiastic because someone was being a little difficult and whiny. But, once again, she was charming and sweet the entire time we were visiting. Again, she got some amazing gifts, well chosen and perfectly suited to her. The afternoon was awesome until we were leaving, at which point she had a meltdown of epic proportions. We had to stop by the grocery store, and Jake ended up dropping me off for a speed-shopping session while he drove around the block with the kids. There was NO way I was willing to take her in public with her being like that. It was kind of nice shopping alone, it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to do that.


Now, it’s barely 7, and both of them are sound asleep. I’m actually kind of disappointed, I wanted to decorate the tree with Adeline tonight, but we can do it tomorrow. For now, I’m going to take advantage of the “alone” time to sample some of the sweets I baked this weekend and do some knitting.


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