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Keep on Keepin’ on December 16, 2010

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Third good day in a row! I’m on a roll.


Christmas shopping is done. Kids get toys, grandparents get pictures, and the brothers and sisters in law are more or less getting shafted. We’re going to have to get some sort of name draw or something going, there’s too many of them for us to be able to get them all gifts.


I am having all of the supplies I need to do some Christmas baking delivered on Friday morning. Since Jake accidentally took the truck alarm fob with him, I’ve been without a vehicle this week. Normally it wouldn’t matter because I don’t go anywhere anyway, but this was the one week it was really, really inconvenient for me to have no transportation.  Coupons for free delivery and $15 off of a $50 order from Safeway saved the day on that one.


We walked the dogs again today, third day in a row. I’m determined to get them acting like proper civilized pets. It is doubly hard trying to get them trained when I’m alone though, since we can’t do much to burn off their excess energy. Baby steps though. My dream is to find a double jogging stroller for cheap so I can actually work them out. Right now, taking the stroller is more miserable than just letting Adeline walk, even though it is much slower with her walking.


This is harder than I thought it would be, but like I said, third good day. I’m doing my best to keep a)busy and b) a positive attitude. It is working, funnily enough. I’m hoping that at least the next two weeks are good, what with the busyness that is guaranteed with the holidays and such. Once that’s over, I’m a little worried about keeping myself occupied. Actually, I totally take that back. There’s enough stuff that can be done around here on top of the regular housework to keep me occupied for a year. I’ve got to remember that everything takes four times longer than normal since I have so many assistants.


Tonight after dinner I told Adeline that we needed to pick up, and she looked at me and said “dog poop?” Goofy kid. She’s such a sponge right now, it’s awesome.


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