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It’s the most… December 15, 2010

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When I was growing up, my mom pulled out the Christmas decorations the weekend after Thanksgiving. I remember so looking forward to that. We’d decorate the tree, and my mom would put lights in our bedroom windows. So festive. On Christmas Eve, we would have pizza for dinner and then drive around looking at Christmas lights. The highlight of that tradition was the night my parents surprised us with a new puppy.

I’m struggling to establish holiday traditions. Our family is so new, and there have been so many marriages, babies and moves over the past couple of years that nothing has been stable enough for a tradition to get started. I’m not patient, and I don’t like change. So I want there to be established traditions that everyone adheres to NOW. But then I hear about other people’s traditions (Handmade/Secondhand gifts only~credit once I remember whose idea that is) and I want to make those part of our traditions because that’s just genius.

I also struggle with having grand ideas about what a day will be like, then being disappointed when it doesn’t turn out, or something goes wrong. One of my least favorite things about Christmas is that it just ends so soon. It feels like there’s so much build up, and by lunch time everything is over. I want it to LAST. This year we’re doing Christmas morning with my mom, taking a break for lunch and nap, and then heading over to my dad’s for Christmas dinner-problem solved! By the end of that day I’ll be thrilled for it all to be over for another year.

We’re  having two Christmases this year, since Jake’s mom is coming down to celebrate this weekend. This way we get to have Christmas with her and Uncle J and Aunt K and baby A AND eliminate the stress of trying to cram in multiple trips on the Day. This is something I think I hope becomes part of our tradition-splitting it up like this. But, it makes it tricky because Adeline’s birthday is the week before Christmas, and I want her to be able to have her own birthday and not a combination because that’s just not fun. The plan this week is Friday with Yaya then birthday celebration with mama and Yaya, Saturday combo birthday/Christmas with Grandma and Aunt/Uncle/Cousin, and THEN Sunday birthday with Oma, Poppa, mama, dada and maybe Uncle C. Which is just a smidge excessive on the celebration of the birthday aspect. Apparently there’s just no making me happy.

I needed to get that written out somewhere. I have so much to get accomplished this week to prepare for the holidays, on top of the single parenting gig, the part-time third kid, the general upkeep of the house and and and…It’s just that the list situation is starting to get out of control but I still have a need to write things down.


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  1. Swistle Says:

    I am the same way: I want the traditions established, and I want them established ALREADY. Annnnnnd….we’re still not very established, and that makes me CRANKY. But we keep trying stuff and then finding we don’t want to make that a tradition after all, or else each year something is different and now we need to adjust. We have I think ONE solid tradition: we drive around looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music on Christmas Eve night, and we do it right before the kids’ bedtimes so they’re all in their pajamas and the car is all warm and everyone gets kind of sleepy.

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