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Maxed Out December 4, 2010

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Well, I haven’t drawn a face on a volleyball for companionship yet, but I got close a couple of times. When the only person who can approximate conversation doesn’t speak in sentences, things can get a little, well, not stimulating.

Jake came home late Friday night, and I was so exhausted that all I did was unlock the door for him, and then I went back to bed. I don’t even remember it.

Today, he revealed some news. Our expectation had been that he would work one more week of Monday-Friday and then switch to an every-other-week schedule. He was informed on Friday that, surprise! just kidding! the new schedule is going to be every week,  Monday-Friday, for the NEXT 12 WEEKS. Minimum.

So. Quick, silver linings!

-He’ll technically be home for Adeline’s birthday

-He’ll be home for Christmas

I’m just not even going to talk about all of the things that are tarnishing those silver linings. Not even going to go there. Because today was one of those days where I literally sat curled on the couch, only moving if a kid needed me, and letting Jake handle everything else.

12 weeks. How?


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