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Day 2 November 29, 2010

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24 hours in. When will the hours stop mattering? Will I be able to stop counting?

Last night was rough. Adeline went to bed okay, but she woke up around 10 and was up till one. I tried to let her sleep in our bed,  but she wouldn’t sleep, and she wouldn’t be still, so I kept having to move Lucy around (because SHE wouldn’t sleep in her bed either). Eventually I got to the end of my rope and put Adeline back in her room, where she fell asleep without a peep. Figures. She ended up getting up and coming back into bed with me around four, and then we got up at 7. So, I’m a little tired and I was more than a little cranky this morning.

It took a very conscious attitude adjustment and some coffee, but we got through the morning. She’s still snotty but still not Sick, just cold-ish.

We have to go to the feed store later to get dog food, which I’m kind of dreading. It is hard to get into/out of and having to load up the kids for a stop that takes two minutes is annoying. But it is nice to get out of the house, right?

The house is at least picked up, and we’ve had two hot meals. My goal tonight is to get both kids bathed before bed, so that should be interesting. I dread the naptime-dinner time, that is the hardest time to fill for some reason, and then there is the cooking dinner during the witching hour alone issue. I have a zillion things I can do after bedtime, so that part is easy, and the morning always goes by really fast.


Naptime lasted 45 minutes. Sigh.  We survived the feed store trip, the guy who works there held the front door open for me so I could go in and pay and still see the kids in the truck. If you ever need animal-related things, Ray’s Feed on Baseline/7th Street is the place to go.

Lucy slept through dinner and threw a major hissy fit when I gave her a bath. Everyone is clean though, and the girls are both sleeping. Lucy woke up once and the pacifier (WTH? She NEVER takes pacifiers, I don’t even know why I try) actually put her back to sleep. Adeline woke up just a minute ago but she also went right back to sleep. It’s 8:30 ish and I’m on my way to bed too.

Tomorrow my new phone comes-Christmas present from Jake, mine to him was a new phone too. We’re so creative.

This is hard! And exhausting. But I think it is making me a better parent. I can’t slack off, period. So far so good, but it is also only the second night. It feels like a week has gone by since Jake left. I wonder how I’ll feel come Friday?



2 Responses to “Day 2”

  1. Erin Says:

    I seriously don’t know how you do it. I suppose when faced with a challenge like this, you just dig in and get through it, but that doesn’t make it less hard. My hat is off to you. Hang in there! And keep us posted, when you get the time of course, I know when I don’t have help my free time is more often going to just sitting and relaxing these days. And thanks for the all the advice over on my blog- it helps to know I’m not the only one trying to keep it all together some days!

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