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Day One (ish) November 28, 2010

Filed under: Family,On My Own — themamabeth @ 9:05 pm

I’m still sane! That’s good, right?

Things got a little dicey while I was cooking and serving dinner-Lucy was DONE and just wanted to be held and nurse. We got through it though.

Of course, Adeline is as sick as she’s ever been her whole life. Now, this isn’t saying much-she doesn’t even have a fever, but she’s got a stuffy/runny nose and icky eyes. Poor kiddo. She’s a trooper and it doesn’t seem to be causing her too much trouble. Our plan of action is lots of orange juice, water and good food and rest.

It looks like staying busy and on routine is going to be the key to surviving this. This morning was so blah, and then after we got up and went to the store, everything felt so much better. Not right, and not good, but better.

Tomorrow we’ve GOT to go to the feed store and get dog food or we’re going to have a mutiny on our hands. I’m thinking we’ll try that in the morning and then maybe a real grocery store trip in the afternoon…I’ve got to not try to plan too much or get to caught up in the scheduling and to-dos or I’m going to make myself crazy.

Fingers crossed that Jake gets the details on housing down there and we’re able to get a better handle on what our options are, and what our future is going to look like.


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