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Not helping November 24, 2010

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There are some Very Important Things that I should be doing right now. Things like sorting out somewhere for Jake to live while he’s working out of town. Or cleaning, or doing laundry, or  or or…But I’m not. I’m playing online, eating Swiss Rolls and drinking coffee (which is NOT helping the jittery crazy stress I’m feeling) and ignoring everything else I should be doing.

Because we are super smart, we’ve put off sorting out the living situation issue, and now it is a holiday week and, well, oops. I found a potential place but the dude seemed kind of out of it, so it is iffy. I’m foreseeing a VERY EXPENSIVE hotel stay in Jake’s future. Eh, whatever. Can’t change the past and now we know better, right?

Also, apparently someone attempted to burgle my dad’s house-while he was in it.  The guy was thwarted by my dad and other than a dented front door and a broken window, there doesn’t seem to have been any serious harm done. But, from what we understand the person has not been arrested. My dad’s house is fairly close to my house, and this information just doesn’t make me excited what with the whole husband working out of town thing. Granted I have two BIG dogs; they aren’t vicious per se, but I know for a fact that they would not take well to someone coming into their house uninvited. I still am not feeling warm and fuzzy about being here alone, but there’s not really any other choice.



New developments…Found a hotel for Jake for next week. It’ll be about $300, but for now that is the best solution. Crossing our fingers that we can find him an apartment down there for a reasonable price, which seems doable from what I’m seeing. Even better would be company housing, but that seems kind of too good to be true. Still stressing about crime. Still not accomplishing any cleaning. And about to eat another Swiss Roll. Because that’s helpful.


One Response to “Not helping”

  1. Samantha Says:

    We were burgled once on halloween night, and unfortunately our dog was in her kennel, who knows what would have happened had she been out… perhaps she would have welcomed them, or maybe they would have hurt her, or since they tore our door down, they might even have just left her to run around the neighborhood… so I have mixed feelings about the fact that we didn’t leave her out.
    On the other hand we now have a prejudice dog… she hates all tall thin black males.. which consequently is what one of our neighbors said the watch out guy looked like. they walked away with our TV and my brothers game system, I’m just thankful we were safe and our dogs were not hurt.

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