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Social Butterfly November 18, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — themamabeth @ 11:06 pm

This week I have seen my mom, my father-in-law came for dinner (take out Chinese) and some friends came for dinner (burgers on the grill), and my mom is coming again tomorrow. AND I’m planning on trying to go to a Mom’s Club meeting and/or a park meet up (if one is happening) with all three kids tomorrow. Oh, and we’re also leaving early Saturday morning for a spur of the moment (deciding to go out of town for the weekend on Wednesday IS TOO spur of the moment!) trip to visit Jake’s family.

This is so insanely out of character for me-and I’m not even remotely stressed. It’s actually…kind of FUN.

Not sure how I’ve suddenly changed how I deal with, well, with everything, but I have. All of the sudden I’ve got this whole Zen attitude. I just hope it sticks around, because this is really nice.


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