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To remember… November 15, 2010

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I want to remember…

how Adeline used to kind of chuckle right before I fed her.

how making raspberries with my tongue cracks Lucy up.

that butts=bites, and hearing mo’ butts, mmmm butts is funny.

that Adeline sounds like she’s from some exotic foreign country sometimes.

tricky kisses.

that Ah-she=Lucy, Eye-ka=Leika, Ah-ya=Adeline, Ah-yat’s=Adeline’s.

Adeline says mmmm pretty much whenever she sees food, from spinach to chocolate cake.

she will almost always eat her veggies first.


that Adeline is currently sharing her bed with three books, a Baby, a bear, a giant sock monkey, a regular sized sock monkey, a duck gift card holder, two hand made blankets, and an Elmo (Omo) bag containing a package of Goldfish crackers and a pair of shoes, and probably some other stuff. Also, the bag had contained the TV remote, but I snuck that out when she wasn’t looking. The bag is a new addition to her bed, the rest of it is normal and she insists on it all being there. And she doesn’t touch any of it, but she likes to be covered by the blankets.


Adeline will come up to me and say “burp” with her arms held out, and she wants me to hold her so she can rest her head on my shoulder and have her back patted. She’ll also request to be held like a baby, and then she pretends to go to sleep.


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