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Weekend Update November 14, 2010

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Am rapidly running out of blogging steam. Not good for the whole NaBloPoMo deal.

Jake went to the races, so it’s been a Girl’s Day. We’ve cuddled and played and vegged out and watched football and napped. I sort of half-heartedly picked up the house, and almost considered going to the grocery store.  My mom came by and took Adeline for an hour or so. I have some cute video of Lucy I might upload, if I can find the camera cord.

Adeline has been regressing a little bit, which is kind of odd, but since Lucy is becoming more interactive, I suspect Adeline is starting to really notice that she’s no longer an only child. She’s insisting on sitting in the high chair rather than her booster at meals, is refusing to use the potty, and is asking frequently to be held like a baby or to be “burped” which means she wants us to hold her so she can rest her head on our shoulder and have her back rubbed.

In other ways, she’s very clearly growing up. Her language is exploding-she added bites and oh man to her list of words/phrases, and she is able to carry out more and more complex tasks on her own-like picking out specific items of clothing from specific locations and even attempting to put them on herself. She’s not fighting naps or bedtime hardly at all, and often at nap she just hangs out in her room rather than sleep (but those days mean early bedtimes because she still needs that extra rest even though she seems to think she doesn’t).

I have grand plans for the week, so hopefully there will be something to discuss.


One Response to “Weekend Update”

  1. Erin Says:

    I had every intention of doing NaBloPoMo this year and was suddenly without internet for three days after a freak windstorm. You lose steam really quick when you start three days late! all that to say- keep it up, you are doing great!

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