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zzzzzz November 12, 2010

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Last night, around one in the morning, Adeline ate dinner. That happened because at our normal dinner time she threw and epic fit and got herself sent to bed. She threw an epic fit because she hadn’t taken a nap, but I don’t know why she didn’t take a nap.

Today, she woke up at her normal time, maybe a tiny bit later than usual. We had a fun morning out and about, and even ate lunch out, which we never do. Except she didn’t really eat because there was just too much else for her to concentrate on. So we got home, and she asked to eat, and I attempted to feed her, but once again ended up getting herself sent to bed without finishing her meal. Tonight at dinner, she threw ANOTHER FIT, but I’m so exhausted at this point that I fudged on the consequences so she didn’t have to go to bed, but she did lose her privilege of sitting in her own seat. She ended up finishing every bite on her plate, and went to bed quite happily and without a peep around eight.

Anyhow. The moral of the story is that I feel like my brain is made out of cotton balls and my house is a complete and total disaster (how does that happen if we were gone all day?).  So that’s just all I’ve got in me tonight.


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