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Just kidding November 11, 2010

Filed under: Family — themamabeth @ 8:35 pm

There was a time that we thought Jake was going to get a job. Well, we were right, he did get the job. It was pretty cool for, oh, a week or so. Then they told him that whoops! Just kidding. You’re HIRED but you can’t START because there aren’t actually any OPENINGS. Our bad.

Well then. New plan.

So I’m thinking that I’ll go back to work. I’ve had two amazing years at home, which is two years more than a lot of people get.  Jake will get a pretty unique opportunity to spend the next few years with the kids, which will be pretty cool for all of them.  And, what I’m thinking is I’ll get something on graveyards, so my day time can still be spent with my kiddos and my extra every-other-week kid. So pretty much no disruption for the little ones. Jake’ll be around so I’ll be able to sleep when I need to (I’m envisioning that awful afternoon period between 4-6 when the kids get cranky and I’m struggling to get dinner on the table. So long, Witching Hour!)

It’s a whole new adventure for us. Not what we had really planned for, but if things always happened as planned, life wouldn’t be any fun, now would it?


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