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Limbo November 7, 2010

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We’re in limbo right now, and it is driving me absolutely insane.

Tonight at dinner, I kept starting to ask Jake a question, and then realized there was just no answer right now.

Thanksgiving: can’t plan, don’t know what Jake’s schedule will be.

Adeline’s birthday: ditto.

Christmas: ditto.

Next Monday: ditto.

We’re hoping that he’s going to be told that he’ll get to start his new job next Monday, but there’s not any guarantee at this point. It is truly awful, this not knowing. It is like there’s a recording on repeat saying ‘not sure not sure not sure’ that we just can’t turn off. There’s a weird combination of stress and apathy right now too. Jake is stressed. He’s worried and tense and distracted. Me, I’m kind of apathetic at this point. I mean, there’s nothing we can do about it, so I don’t see the point in obsessing. We’re both getting annoyed at how the other one is reacting, which is adding another layer of tension.

In other news…Adeline has finally started calling Lucy something other than baby. So now I have an Ah-ya, or Ah-yat’s and a Ah-shee. It appears Adeline is struggling just a bit with her ‘L’ sound. She’s talking more and more, adding fun words like mess and diaper to her vocabulary. She’s playing around with two and three word phrases too, which is fun-it is like she is saying the first and last word in a sentence but leaving the rest out. If we tell her we’re going somewhere, she’ll say “Ah-ya truck?” which seems to mean is Adeline going in the truck? And then she’ll name off everyone’s name followed by the word truck to figure out who is going with her.

We’re starting to hint around at potty training. I have this vision of only having one kid in diapers and it really can’t come soon enough. She’s usually okay with it, and she knows what it is we want her to do if we ask her to go to the potty, but she’s only actually done it a couple of times. I’m hoping that by the beginning of next year she’ll be ready, but she needs a few more words first. I don’t want to really start this process until I am sure she can tell me she needs the potty.

So yeah. In limbo. Can’t plan on anything. I am going to lose my mind here pretty soon.


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