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Changes November 2, 2010

Filed under: A Better Me — themamabeth @ 11:34 pm

I feel like supermom today. I’ve been cheerful and patient, efficient and productive.

We have some interesting circumstances and some pretty lofty goals over the next few months, so I hope I can hang on to this momentum.

Jake has accepted a job that will require him to work out of town. We don’t have all of the details yet, but we are assuming he’ll be gone a week and home a week.

This presents the obvious challenges-me essentially being a single mom during his on weeks and him having to be away from his family-as well as some tricky financial issues we will have to overcome.

We still want to get out of debt by mid 2011 and we are really, really trying to make some repairs and minor upgrades to the house. I would like to get the dogs trained and reintegrated into the family, get in shape, and start getting out more.

I do think that having these goals is what is making me so motivated. Being a stay at home mom, while incredible, can get somewhat monotonous.

It feels good to have something of a purpose.


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