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No question October 2, 2010

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Early this morning I told Jake that I questioned whether or not Adeline is actually my child. I had to wake her up at 6:30 this morning to run an errand, and after taking a minute or so to wake up, she looked at me, grinned, said “Hi!” and then “Truck?” and proceeded to jump out of bed and demand shoes. No one who can wake up that quickly  at that hour can possibly be related to me, can she?

Tonight I was looking back through my September pictures, and it turns out that she probably is really my kid.

Closing the cabinet with her foot-like I do when my hands are full.

Borrowing my Moby wrap for her baby.

One Response to “No question”

  1. Diana Harty Says:

    Haha, I’ve noticed my little one closing (or at least trying to close) drawers and doors with his hips, like I do. It’s funny, and a little scary, how they really do try to be just like us, isn’t it? Makes me that much more careful about what I do and say.

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