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Odds and ends September 21, 2010

Filed under: Life Is Good — themamabeth @ 11:15 pm

*Adeline is talking more and more. She’s still not conversing per se, but communication is much improving. Recent additions: poop, skootch, cheek, cool (coo), so, please (pees), more (moh). Also, her new thing is to check for poop. You know how you peek into a baby’s diaper to determine the supplies necessary for a change? Well, Adeline checks Lucy…and everyone else-including her poppa (but I don’t think he realized what was happening) by peeking under a hem and saying “Poop? Noooo” in the cutest, softest little voice. I love it.

*Lucy is still a baby. She doesn’t do much to remark on. She’s awfully cute though. I’ve really been making more of an effort to include her in what we’re doing. I had noticed she seemed to be getting left out more often than not, so she spends a lot of time in her bouncy on the kitchen counter now. At least it’s better than the swing on the far side of the living room.

*I finished my first ever sewing attempt today. It turned out  a little wonky, but it is at least recognizable. It might not survive a trip through the washing machine though, and I certainly don’t think it would survive actually being worn by a toddler. But still, I sewed something! Hopefully I can start on the second half of the project tomorrow, and then next week I’m going to attempt a cute tote bag pattern I found. Some things to know about sewing:

  • Trust the pattern-the people who made it know what they’re doing and they’re probably right
  • Elastic sucks
  • A first-time project should probably not be a pair of shorts.
  • Own two pairs of scissors-one for the pattern and another for fabric only. A wise, wise woman told me this, and she was so right.
  • Buy a device to remove thread/stitches from fabric. Scissors don’t do the trick and you WILL screw up.

So, that’s that. Just some things I wanted to remember is all.


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