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Funky September 12, 2010

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That pretty much sums up everything for the past week or so. I’m just in a funk. I’m in a funk, and I know it, and I’m sick of it, but I can’t make it go away. Everything feels all weird and off-like today, this morning draaaaagged, then all the sudden BOOM! bedtime. What the heck?I feel like my brain is wrapped in a fuzzy, scratchy blanket.

There are these little windows of motivation. The idea of a sewing circle is being thrown around, and I got all pumped up and excited, and visions of FINALLY getting my office/sewing room in shape danced in my head. But then, meh. Whatever. The motivation dies.

And then there are these really big windows of yuck. I’m not being the best mom or wife that I can (and should!) be. Knowing that isn’t helping though. I’ll lose my patience with Adeline, and then it is like the rest of the day is ruined from then on, which is ridiculous, but I just can’t shake it off. If my husband wasn’t a saint, he’d probably have moved out by now. (Okay-I’m probably not that bad, but still, he’s being more patient than I deserve.)

My suspicion is that part of the problem is that I’m thinking too big picture, and I need to narrow things down just a tad.  You know, HalloweenThanksgivingCHRISTMAS OMG is probably a little excessive at this point. I need to maybe just try to focus on Monday, and move on from there.  So, focus on ONE DAY. Doable. And then maybe try to reduce the to-do list to seven (I read that seven is the maximum you can have on an effective to-do list) items.

Sooooo…Monday’s To Do List is as follows:

-be patient
-make a grocery list
-go grocery shopping
-wash diapers
-work on office
-clean kitchen

Those are the Monday must dos.  It is taking all of my will power right now not to take the other 47 things I think SHOULD be on that list and start a Tuesday to-do list. But that’ll defeat the purpose(and I guess making Jake a to-do list would be cheating). Monday night I can make a Tuesday to-do list.

Can I make a want-to list? That’s probably going overboard.



2 Responses to “Funky”

  1. Samantha Says:

    I’m kinda glad I read this this morning, I have friends coming from out of town on Wednesday and I’m so overwhelmed by how nasty my house got this weekend due to a snow ball effect of the last two weeks, so I was just sitting down to make out my own to-do list and saw what you posted… maybe 7 is all I can handle.. but I think I’ll make a top 7 and see if I finish it, then make another 7… do you think that is cheating?

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