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Things fall apart September 9, 2010

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Today didn’t start well and it never got better.

I want to blame it all on Adeline (who was about two hours short on sleep), but I suspect I could have handled things better.

It’s just frustrating when I warn her, then she continues a behavior, then she gets a consequence, and then she IMMEDIATELY repeats the behavior. Really?

The logical consequence isn’t working. I took away her Baby as a consequence, which worked, until she repeated the behavior again. I can’t take her Baby away if it wasn’t returned, so what then?

And poor Lucy kept getting put down in the middle of meals so I could take care of Adeline acting up, and that makes me feel rotten for Lucy.

For now, I have a giant Hershey’s bar (thanks to my super awesome husband) and a glass of wine.  And if tomorrow isn’t any better? Well, there’s still a half of the Hershey’s bar left.


2 Responses to “Things fall apart”

  1. Bethany Says:

    I’m so glad my toddler isn’t the only defiant one there is! Adeline’s behavior sounds IDENTICAL to Beatrix’s. And cheers to you for balancing an infant and toddler together. I’m about to join your club and I’m scared of what my future holds. Stay strong!!

  2. themamabeth Says:

    The infant is SO EASY compared to the toddler. Feed, change diaper, repeat. It really is easier than I expected, and when Beatrix starts giving little brother kisses and hugs, you’ll see- it’s just the most awesome thing in the world.

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