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Best kid ever September 1, 2010

Filed under: Baby Cakes — themamabeth @ 9:33 pm

My mom has been bringing me all of the magazines that she’s done with. It’s great because I have lots of quick and easy reading material lying around, and Adeline has discovered the fact that magazines are full of fun stuff, and she doesn’t get them taken away if she rips them.

Her favorite thing is to go through the magazines and look for pictures of dogs, and then we tear out the picture so she can have it.

Tonight she brought the November 2009 Real Simple to Jake so they could look for dogs. We’d already torn all the dog pictures out of that particular one, so Jake pointed out to Adeline that there were grapes on the cover. Adeline very carefully “selected” a grape, and “fed” it to Jake. She proceeded to “feed” me, Lucy, her baby doll and the cat the grapes, then she found other foods on the pages and fed us those too. I love her.

And last night…after giving Jake and Lucy their goodnight kisses, she went and found Barty and gave him a goodnight kiss too. On the mouth. I don’t even get goodnight kisses. But I still love her.


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