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Soup’s on! August 6, 2010

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Tonight we’re going to try Black Bean Salad, probably with chips and guacamole on the side. Seems easy enough, and I’m not going to heat up my kitchen cooking tonight which is a huge bonus. (That was really, really good. Totally worth the time it took to make it. Would be excellent as a nacho topper.)

Dinner has become such a huge challenge lately. I am so sick of planning, shopping and cooking. A lot of it is because we have the same ten or so meals over and over and o v e r and both of us are just sick of them.

I’ve got to go through the recipes that I have and start trying new things.  I figured maybe if I actually document it somehow, I’ll remember what works and what doesn’t rather than coming across a recipe a year after I try it and remember how great it was and why haven’t I been using this?  That and maybe this way the disaster that is my recipes will get somewhat sorted out.


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