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In which I talk about diapers excessively… August 4, 2010

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We’ve been cloth diapering since Adeline was pretty little. It went well in the beginning, but either I’ve ruined my diapers, they’ve just worn out, or the kid just pees way too much-they’re not cutting it anymore. So I’m on a mission to replace my stash.

Since this time around I’m not flying blind, hopefully what I end up with will last more than one kid-isn’t that the whole purpose of this-and cost slightly less than it did the first time around.

Rather than pocket diapers, I’m going to go with prefolds and covers.

Adeline is in Econobums right now, and I’m actually less than thrilled with them at this point. It seems like they’re okay with a BG insert (not a doubler, an actual insert) along with the prefold, but seriously? That’s kind of ridiculous.

So I’m on a quest.

I know I want one size diapers, and no velcro. These things are pricey! I guess with the Econobums I got what I paid for though, considering the fact that they’re leaky now.

I am going to try a couple of Thirsties Snaps and some Kissluvs first and we’ll see.


2 Responses to “In which I talk about diapers excessively…”

  1. Angelique Says:

    I love Blueberry’s. They’re pockets. And expensive. But they do well at night. We go to our BG organics the most though because we’re lazy and it’s an AIO. I’d like an AIO that is one size, no velcro, QUICK DRY. 🙂 We’re not picky or anything.
    My 19 mo old is in sposies full time now that little brother is here. I feel guilty but can’t really handle all that extra laundry right now and hubby won’t let me buy more dipes for the stash. Somehow he thinks it’s a waste of money…

  2. themamabeth Says:

    I’ll check them out, but we had such bad luck with our BG pockets I’m really wary of pockets in general and BG in particular. I spent about $300 on my stash and it is essentially useless. I’m doing sposies at night for Adeline but that’s because all the cloth we’ve tried leaks. Lucy is still too little to fit anything I have, so she’s in sposies too, but she’s already getting diaper rashes so I want her in cloth as soon as I can get my hands on some decent diapers.

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