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Two is better than one July 26, 2010

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Two weeks in with two kids under two, and things are going really well!

Amazingly, I’ve slept through the night more than one night now, for the first time since New Year’s Eve 2008. Seriously-Jake took over baby duty that night for me so I could sleep, and that is literally the last time since Adeline has had such horrible sleep issues.

Turns out? Those sleep issues were probably my fault since I let her cosleep for so long. About a week ago, she woke up in the middle of the night and was just inconsolable. Nothing made her happy, and I was exhausted and frustrated, so I took her into her room to give myself a break. I set her on her bed, gave her a milk, kissed her and told her I loved her and I left. Jake took over for me and went and laid with her, but it didn’t do any good and she was still screaming. I went in to lay with her so he could sleep, and she still kept screaming. It was her mad, I’m-exhausted-but can’t-sleep scream that is so aggravating because I know all she needs is to sleep and she just won’t. Eventually I had to leave the room again because Lucy needed a diaper. I took the baby and shut the door behind me and by the time I had Lucy changed, there was silence. I peeked in the room, and Adeline was sound asleep on her bed. Ever since that night, she’s been napping and spending the night in her room.

It is wonderful to have her in her own bed. There’s a lot of guilt attached too though, because I feel like this is what she needed all along and I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out.

On a related note, Lucy already sleeps through the night.  I guess this is my karmic reward for Adeline’s issues as an infant, who knows? I’m not quite ready to move her into the crib yet, but maybe soon.


2 Responses to “Two is better than one”

  1. Samantha Says:

    congrats on the sleeping changes.. I think sometimes it takes us a little while to know what we should do.. it isn’t like they are speaking in full sentences and can just say ‘mommy leave me alone I can’t sleep with you here.’ We had a bed time issue the other night and Caeden just wanted to be held and rocked, I got so tired I couldn’t handle it anymore and Patrick when in and told him firmly to get in his bed and he was out in less than a minute!

  2. Mandie Says:

    As you know, we had horrific sleep issues as well. Our saving grace was moving D to a full size mattress in his room and abandoning the sleeping in my room and his crib. Its amazing how little sleep I was functioning off of before we figured this out! And yay for Lucy, I seriously hope my next one is a MUCH better sleeper than my first was/is.

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