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It WAS a good day to have a baby! July 19, 2010

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Lucille Mae was born on Monday 7/12/10 at 4:41 AM in true Edwards style. She weighed 8 lb 6 oz and is 20 inches long.

I suspected Monday evening I was getting labor-ish but things were so random, I didn’t realize that I was actually in labor. Pretty much it was a normal night, except I was more uncomfortable than usual. Right around 2 AM I started to suspect I was in real labor, and I started to track my contractions. I had one, and Adeline fussed, so I went to take care of her. I ended up laying down in bed and dozing off around 2:30, and at about3 I woke up, heard a popping noise and actually felt my water break. I wasn’t sure until I stood up though, and then I was sure.

I woke Jake up, and he called our midwife while I called my mom. At that point, I hadn’t had a contraction for nearly an hour and I was actually starting to worry I was making things up. It didn’t take long for things to start moving though. My mom showed up and took over Adeline duty (poor kid-she woke up when we were moving around and had no idea what to make of the whole situation. She was excited to have YaYa come play though).

Once my mom was here and Adeline was set, my labor really started to move along. Jake was trying to get everything set out for our midwife and take care of me. I was starting to panic a little thinking that the midwife wasn’t going to make it.

She showed up pretty much just in time. I had been in the shower, and I made it into the bedroom but not onto the bed. She kept trying to hear the baby’s heart, but the contractions were coming one after another and it never happened. It took four or five good pushes and we had ourselves a baby. I think our midwife was a little stunned by how fast it happened and by how little I actually needed from her. At one point she was telling me how to breathe, and I told her to please not tell me how to breathe (note I did say please, but Jake said my tone wasn’t very nice).  Jake was awesome through the whole thing, even in the very beginning when I was really snappy with him. He didn’t get to catch the baby because I was actually standing up when she was born so it was kind of tricky.

I’m actually a little ‘meh’ about the whole thing. It wasn’t exactly the calm experience I had been expecting-not that that is anyone’s fault-but I labor and deliver so fast, there was a lot of anxiety for everyone thinking I wasn’t going to be able to hold off until help was there. It kind of ruined the experience a little bit.

The important thing is everything worked out well and we are both healthy and happy.

Adeline is adjusting to her new role as a big sister. She’s a little more whiny and clingy than usual, but she’s doing really good. Lucy is amazing, so tiny and sweet. I’m great, and Jake is thrilled to have his two girls here in person.


4 Responses to “It WAS a good day to have a baby!”

  1. babm8krs Says:

    I love hearing about homebirths! Congrats on your new arrival!

  2. Samantha Says:

    I think though it wasn’t as relaxed as you hoped that it sounds like a wonderful birth story! I’m so tempted to just tell DH we are doing this at home… but I’d have to find a midwife and pay them out of pocket and we can’t really afford it… I just hate my hospital that much.
    congrats on your beautiful little girl!

  3. Jenna Says:

    Congratulations, Beth!! Beautiful name and great story!

  4. Mandie Says:

    Super fast labor there!! Congratulations on a healthy baby and a smooth delivery and a huge congrats to Adeline on being a big sister!!!

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