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Still Waiting… July 2, 2010

Filed under: 9 Months — themamabeth @ 6:37 pm

Spent a half hour last night on the yoga ball and Adeline and I spent an hour and a half walking around Ikea today.

Don’t feel any different though. Rats.

I totally intended to buy Adeline something at Ikea, I figured she’d find a little toy or something and hang on to it. Well, she got way more pleasure finding a toy, carrying it around for a bit, and then putting it away.  I was kind of bummed because I love buying stuff for her, but at the same time-how cool is that?

Tomorrow’s Walking This Baby Out destination is Target.  Sunday I’m going to get a pedicure (that I’m really, really looking forward to and this will probably be the last opportunity in months and months that I’ll be able to (are you listening Labor Gods??)).


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