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It is ON May 7, 2010

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So I know it is about 10 weeks early, but I busted out the box of newborn clothes for Lucy. Since most of what we had was hand-me-downs and Adeline was a champion spitter-upper, most of what I have is very, very stained. I am DETERMINED dammit that I’m going to salvage this stuff to make it okay for wearing out in public.

Wash load #1 is going, hot water, washing soda, borax and oxyclean. What is still stained is going out in the sun to bleach, then I’m busting out the lemon juice, then the baking soda/vinegar.  I will win this war.

Between laundry loads I’m working on the 27 thousand other projects I want to get done by the middle of next month or so.  I’ve been really productive lately and lots of stuff is done. The kitchen is cleanclean now, not just spot cleaned and we’re keeping up with it pretty well. The living room carpets got steam cleaned yesterday, which made a huge difference. I’ve got to nail the walls and baseboards in there, and clean out the entertainment center and wash the vents, and that room’ll be done. Next stop will be the master bedroom/bathroom deep cleaning, then the rest of the bedrooms and the other bathroom.

In between those projects I’m finishing the painting we’ve been trying to do for a year and keeping up with the yard (ha!).

Between the fact I only have four days a week to do projects, having to stop for the day around 11 AM for lunch and nap and the fact that for some reason Adeline wants me to actually interact with her I should be done with everything in about seven years.


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