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Getting Started March 3, 2010

Filed under: A Better Me — themamabeth @ 2:21 am

I’m moving over here from Blogger. Blogger’s great and all, but it isn’t pretty. I want pretty. And anyhow, I’m changing everything, so might as well move this too. I’m hoping the new digs will encourage me to actually, you know, post.

So. Getting started. Lots of changes going on, and we’re moving in a really great direction. Jake and I are FINALLY getting a routine down (only took us a year). It is just with the kiddo, everything changes so fast.  That and the fact that I’ve been such a total bum for the past five months or so-I fell into a rut and just couldn’t get out. Now, though, I’m out. I still have bad days, but funnily enough, actually getting up every day and accomplishing something makes me feel good! And it makes me want to get up the next day and accomplish something. Who knew?


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