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Econobum Review February 12, 2010

Filed under: Mama Says — themamabeth @ 4:30 am

One week in using Econobum diapers. So far, they are a smashing success-I am so happy with them. Jake still uses the BG diapers because [he thinks] they are easier, but he’s totally willing to go all Econobum all the time if I want to. They have gone overnight with no leaks, which in our house is rare-the kid pees A LOT. The only complaint I have is that poop tends to get on the outer cover, so if there’s a poopy diaper I have to get a new outer cover.  Honestly though, since they are so inexpensive, I have no problem buying another box to have a total of six outer covers.  They may not be cute, but so far they are as functional as heck and with the price being as reasonable as it is, I feel like if they don’t last years and years, it still makes more financial sense to use these than disposables. Just the fact that now I’m not having to change her clothes every time she wets her diaper is enough to make me very, very happy.


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