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Meh February 4, 2010

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Hey look, another month with no updates.

Nothing much to update about I suppose. I have lots of plans, projects and good intentions, but it seems like after one or two super productive and happy days, I fall back into the dumps and don’t accomplish anything for a week (or month).

Adeline is fantastic, her personality is really starting to come out. She’s a stringbean-tall and skinny. She has six teeth and appears to be quite content for the time being with that amount. I don’t see any more poking through. She’s stubborn as heck and once she gets her mind set on something, it is set and there is little distracting her. Trying to stop her from reaching an intended goal turns her into a noodle baby limp on the ground and usually screaming bloody murder. She’s confident and independent, but she’s wary of adults. She adores other kids though and for someone who doesn’t get much other kid time, she interacts really well with them. She seems to have the metabolism of a hummingbird-for breakfast today it was a bananna, yogurt, a piece of toast, some blueberries and some raspberries. She loves to be read to (yay!) and loves to climb (not so yay), and she’s good at it too. She’s such a helper, it cracks me up. She will bring her dad every plate in the dishwasher to put away. She helps me do laundry by handing me the clothes from the basket so I can put them in the washer, and she shuts the dryer door for me when it is done. She loves having her hair brushed and will bring any hair brushing insrument she finds to us so we can brush it for her-and she’ll brush ours for us too. When she or anyone else sneezes, she waits for us to say bless you! and then she makes this little coughing sound. Funny at home, but when she’s mocking people she hears cough or sneeze out in public, not so much. She’s such a great little person.

In other kid news, we’re trying a new brand of diapers. We’re needing to supplement our stash, so I’ve been shopping around. I’m kind of over our BumGenius diapers-they are leaking (I think it is the amount she pees rather than a diaper defect though) and the velcro is a real pain. I realize that it is pretty much a one time cost, but do diapers REALLY have to be so expensive? I cannot bring myself to pay $26 for something intended to hold gross bodily fluids.  I bought a box of Econobums, which are pretty much as basic as it gets. Today starts the trial run.

So yeah, meh. Nothing much going on around here.


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