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Long time no see January 3, 2010

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Yikes, a month with no posts. Whoops, I was trying to actually keep up with this thing. Oh well, another thing to add to the list of resolutions, right?

Sooooo December.

There was a birthday. 

Sharing cake with Dada. She ate the heck out of that cake.

There was decorating and shopping (!) and wrapping.


She loves her Christmas tree!
 Wrapping with three cats, two dogs and a toddler is tricky.

There were aspirations to baking but that never happened.

There were two separate Christmas celebrations.

From poppa, she loveslovesloves her tent. She’s gotten so much out of it!
A present from Santa (aka YaYa). If only I had a recording of the squeal she’d make.
Hey that’s ME (looking like a doofus). And Adeline hugging her new bear.

It was a good month.


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