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Sharing the love December 1, 2009

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For the past two Christmases, we have shown up empty handed at family gatherings. Jake was laid off from two separate jobs two years in a row and there just wasn’t money for gifts. We joked last year that Adeline was everyone’s presents, but I still hated not having actual gifts to share.

This year we’re still on one income, though this time it is by choice. But there still just isn’t alot to go around. I wrestled with what to do-buy everyone a tiny gift? Make people gifts? All of my choices still felt cheap.

And then there was Chelsea, and Chelsea’s blog. Because of her, I will not be empty handed this year at Christmas.

On top of all the free stuff I can shop for, she gives stuff away too! Like right now she’s got a giveaway going for cloth diapers. Now, don’t go an enter, because that’ll lessen my chances of winning. I’m just posting this so you can see how generous Chelsea is, and so you’ll go look at her blog.


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