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A day at the park November 25, 2009

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About a week ago Jake and I took Adeline to the park. This was her first outing since she could walk where we could just let her down to go where she wanted, so I wasn’t sure how she would react.

She wasn’t so sure either, at first. Then she got her balance, and she took off.
She’d fall and hop right back up. Or, if she fell and there was dirt, she’d play in that for a minute before moving on.
Then, we went to feed the ducks. I couldn’t get any pictures because I was too busy trying to keep her from jumping in the lake. Then a goose showed up and he kept coming up on the sidewalk, and that was enough for me, so we stopped feeding the ducks. We popped her back in the stroller and wandered around.
This is the view of the ducks from the bridge. I don’t like birds, so this was kinda intimadating! For some reason Jake liked that brownish one in the middle and kept trying to feed just him, but that duck was rather dumb and kept missing the bread.
It was a fun day.

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