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November 15, 2009

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Shopping is done, but it is nearly 1 PM. We got started later than I’d hoped to. I’m off to cook…dundundun!

Lasagna is done, beef stew is cooking and ratatouille is almost done. So far, no disasters. Adeline has been a doll all day, she did great at the store, but she loves going to the store so there’s no surprise. She had some cuddles with me right after we got home and the rest of the afternoon she entertained herself with her toys or played in the kitchen cabinets. Right now, she’s napping.

I think I’ll rest with her for awhile and then finish up. This is exhausting!

It seems that I do not own enough pots and pans or tupperware for this endeavor. My freezer is going to be filled with an assortment of tupperware, tupperware covered in foil because I can’t find the proper lid and ziplock baggies.

Four meals to go, and a GIANT mess to clean up.


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