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Bah humbug November 9, 2009

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The impending holidays are making me decidedly grouchy. We have Thanksgiving, Adeline’s birthday and Christmas looming and there is a mess of stress being generated from all of this.

People want gift lists, plans, schedules and commitments. There is ONE specific toy I really want for Adeline, which I told my mom. But she still wants a gift list. That’s amazing and generous, and she loves that she can buy toys now, but I just don’t know what to ask for. What if I choose toys and they never get played with? I’d just feel bad. What I really want for her are clothes and shoes, but my mom is the fun ya-ya, so she’s going to get fun presents, not practical stuff.

Thanksgiving might be better than I anticipated because my brother has to work, so my dad wants to do it the day before. That only leaves two places we have/I want to be on Thanksgiving day.

Christmas…I’m actually really looking forward to Christmas. It’s going to be really good this year I think.


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